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Jindaiji AR

Thank you for downloading “Jindaiji AR app.”

 This app is intended to distribute information related to “historical and cultural information related to areas in and around Jindaiji, Chofu City” in order for everyone to know more about “history and culture of Jindaiji” and enjoy “self-excursion.” Please make use of this information as an “operation guide” for this app.    

Menu List

Find Facilities・・Major facilities are displayed with air tags.

Map and Spots・・Details of maps and spots of each facility are displayed.

Annual Events・・List of Jindaiji’s annual events(the first step to know).

How to use app・・Explains how to use this app.

About this app・・Credit Informations.

Sightseeing in  Choufu navigator ・・Jindaiji URL

Find Facilities

Holding your smart phone up so that red-circled partis in the radar in the upper right corner displays air tags of major facilities in and around Jindaiji (image on the left). The air tags are displayed even when you are far away from the facilities but air tags for some of the major facilities are displayed only when you are within 100 m of the facilities.

When you tap the displayed air tags, the details screens will be displayed (image on the right). When you use this app, please make sure to turn on your location information.

Map and Spots

When you open the map, all the excursion course spots will be displayed with spot pins (Default display is set to “all”). The courses are classified according to the colors of the pins.

Different courses may have common spots (Ex:Jindaiji Hondo) .

When you select excursion, select courses from the upper right corner of the screen (image on the left). Select the course you wish from the excursion course list (image on the right).

When you tap the pin on the map, the name of the spot will be displayed. When you tap the “name of the spot”, the details of the spot (image) will be displayed (image on the left).

When you select each section in the upper part of the details screen, images based on the scenario title classifications such as “History, Culture etc.” will be displayed (image on the right).

Although some spots may have only one scenario title, we have plans to add content information frequently. 

When each button on the bottom of the screen is”displayed in high brightness”, the following four functions can be used (image on the left).

You can take screenshots by pressing the device Home button and the upper button at the same time.

Voice buttonWhen you press this button, audio guidance can be played. 

Examples of the way thumbnails are displayed when the image button is illuminated. When you tap, an enlarged image and explanatory information will be displayed (image on the right).

Although only some of the spots have voices, images and videos at the moment, we have plans to update information in the future.

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Jindaiji AR

     Jindaiji AR app version1.0

Supported devices:iPhone4S or later, iPad OS Ver8.XX is recommended.

We have plans to release the Android version. 

Annual Events

You can check out annual events in areas in and around Jindaiji by using “first step to know Jiindaiji” of this app. Events are introduced with photos from the past.

About this app

The copyright for this app lies solely with the choufu city (excluding content). The content of this app consists of information for which permission has been given for free use, including in choufu city, by all individual copyright holders.


Choufu City   Choufu Local History Museum

Significance of the app

By providing information related to historical and cultural heritages in the areas in and around Jindaiji, Chofu City to a wide audience such as residents of Chofu City and domestic/foreign tourists, it is possible to widen the knowledge about history and culture and provide opportunities to think about the importance of passing cultural and historical heritage on to the future generations. We aim to widely publish information accumulated by interested parties such as the folk museum and Jindaiji temple while promoting the charms of the area.

It should be noted that content information published on this app will be updated frequently.

Noteworthy matter

“GPS in use” message

Even when the app is closed, the”Jindaiji AR is using the location information” message is displayed.  This message will be automatically closed in about one minute when you exit the app. “Self-excursion function” of this app will automatically play guide messages when you come close to certain facilities (Ex: Jindaiji Castle Ruins).

If the app is not automatically closed or not closed at all when you exit the app, double-tap the Home button and delete the startup information memory of this app in a list of startup apps to solve the problem (slide the Jindaiji app upward to delete it). 

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